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Struggles with parenting are common and all families have their ups and downs. The stress that can result from the challenging behaviors of our children can be overwhelming!


What are the causes of those behaviors? How can we change our parenting style to better meet the needs of our kids?


Change is never easy, especially when it comes to overcoming patterns of parenting that can go back many generations.


Katie can help you identify which changes need to take place and how to implement them in a way that will set you up for success.


As a coach, Katie:

-remains neutral and non-judgmental
-keeps track of progress and goals
-shares information about child development
-uses a curriculum to guide coaching sessions
-leads your family through helpful exercises​

. . .so that your family can:

-enjoy being together
-improve communication skills
-solve problems collaboratively
-use conflict resolution techniques
-make it through tough times


Coaching is a powerful process that infuses your family with new energy and enthusiasm. Get the parenting support you need.


Communication Practice

Exploration of Empathy


New Skills

Child Development


Deeper Connection

Constructive Communication

More Peace

Mutual Respect


Problem Solving


Daily Conflict

Emotional Outbursts


Difficult Communication

Power Struggles



Everyone needs to feel heard and understood before being able to collaboratively problem solve. This takes some crucial communication skills including empathy, observation, and reflection. Katie models these skills so that family members can learn to use them effectively.


Understanding the biological basis for patterns of behavior goes a long way toward being able to implement effective responses. Katie offers relevant information about child development, the functions of the brain and rest of the nervous system, as well as what purposes emotions serve. 


There are so many sources of parenting advice out there that it can be a struggle to find which information is relevant to your family's needs. Katie shares resources with you that are catered to your family's values and culture. She has incorporated a variety of books, articles, and websites into her curriculum.

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