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Katie O'Connor, M.A.

A single, homeschooling mother, Katie developed a parenting style that worked for her and her now adult child. She focused on facilitating the development of emotional regulation and empathy as well as self-direction and problem-solving skills. Her goal was to nurture her child in such way as to be interdependent in relationships, maintain healthy self-esteem, and set appropriate boundaries on how they expect to be treated.

Katie has over twenty years of experience in various alternative education settings. She ran a learning center for homeschoolers in Philadelphia for seventeen years where she worked with kids as young as four and as old as eighteen. She transitioned to family coaching to more directly support parents and caregivers seeking to raise children in a conscious way instead of repeating or reacting to their own upbringings. She received a Master's in Counseling with a concentration in Child and Family Therapy from Arcadia University in 2023 and has used this as a knowledge base upon which to develop a coaching curriculum for families. 

Katie lives in the Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia with her husband and multiple cats. She enjoys taking walks in the woods, abstract painting, and avoiding weeding the garden. 


Katie coaches all members of a family to better understand one another, communicate with compassion, and increase the quality of their relationships. She works from a non-judgmental, solutions-focused, and strengths-based perspective. 

She believes that all parents and caregivers maintain the capacity to grow and change throughout their lives. Old patterns can be shifted when they pr
ove to be unhelpful and new, more fulfilling ways of being with our kids can be developed with support through coaching.

Parents are often concerned about being judged harshly or blamed for their children's challenges, but we need to remember that child-rearing is based on both nature and nurture. When it comes to the nature part of parenting, we get what we get, whether our children's temperaments are calm or active, compliant or defiant, shy or out-going.

When it comes to the nurture part of child-rearing, we do not receive a handbook with each child containing the do's and don'ts of parenting that particular child. In addition, most of us do not get the opportunity to take a parenting course in school or our community.


The Past
We do have the experience of how we were raised, which may be helpful depending on whether we thrived or simply survived. In sum, for most of us, parenting is part making it up as we go along, part intuitive, and part purposeful. We may regret some of our parenting but it is important to bear in mind that just because you are a parent or caregiver you are not superhuman.


Parenting is a transformative experience whether we accept that fact or not. 

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