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Family Coaching


Parents/caregivers meet with Katie in person for a prescribed number of sessions to explore how to meet the needs of each family member through skill development. Each child is unique and the same parenting style that was compatible with one child may not be the best for another child. Some sessions include children so that they too can learn about emotions and develop the same skills as adults.

Online Parenting Support Groups


Group sessions are a powerful way to get and give support. Each participant gets a chance to give updates on their family's situation and get feedback, empathy and understanding. Katie facilitates the process in order to make sure every voice is heard and that the tone is remains non-judgmental. When we meet online we can enjoy the comfort and convenience of being at home while still participating actively.

In Person Parenting Support

(Northwest Philadelphia)


The benefits of meeting in person include being able to make eye contact and pick up on non-verbal communication as well as enjoying the setting of the office which is designed to make participants calm and comfortable.

Educator Coaching


Teaching a classroom full of students brings challenges that every educator faces. Katie coaches educators by sharing tools and providing a deeper understanding of how children learn, what triggers behaviors at school, and how to improve your relationships with your students.


Homeschooling Consulting

Is homeschooling an option for your family? Make an informed decision with the help of an experienced homeschooling parent and get your concerns addressed.

All Families Are Welcome


Families come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Katie is trained in coaching from a multi-cultural perspective and has a BA in anthropology which has given her an understanding of human behavior and practices. Her approach is characterized by respect and cultural relativism. 

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