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Homeschooling Consultation

School is not for everyone. Homeschooling is a means to an end: to provide a customized education for your child by experiencing the world around them with you as a guide.


Pennsylvania does not require a set curriculum, so families are free to figure it out as they go along while meeting state requirements. This can be liberating and terrifying at the same time.


This is where Katie comes in with her years in the Philadelphia area homeschooling community and her experience educating her own child throughout their childhood. Katie supports curious families by addressing their questions and concerns about homeschooling so that they can make an informed decision. Please email to schedule a 50 minute consultation in person or online ($25-40 sliding scale).


How will my children be socialized?

How will they learn what I cannot teach them?

How will they be able to function in society?

How can I homeschool multiple aged children?

What about college?

How can we live on one income?

What resources are there in the Philadelphia area?

What does filing with the school district entail? 


Being together as a family

Educating your kids according to your values

Maintaining a love of learning

Learning at your own pace

Studies based on interests

Community building

Travel opportunities

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