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Addressing Barriers To Getting The Help You Need

Fear of being judged, blamed, or misunderstood.

Blame and judgement are not a part of coaching. Understanding, compassion, and empathy for all members of a family mean that clients feel safe and supported.

Overwhelmed with the idea of having to make fundamental changes in parenting style.

The coaching process takes place at a workable pace since exploration of child development as well as communication skills take a while (My curriculum takes you through 12 to 20 sessions, ideally). I would be dishonest if I told you that change is easy but the improvement in family functioning is worth it.

Wanting a quick fix and being frustrated by the amount of time the coaching process takes.

When unhealthy family dynamics are tough to endure, clients want immediate relief. This is totally understandable, and some clients feel better and more hopeful after the first session. It is important to stick with the process which will save you time and suffering in the future.

Afraid of feeling emotions that have been buried for a long time.

Working with a family coach is not easy because clients gain awareness of the roots of their own parenting style, which can be painful. All parents feel guilt, anxiety, and a sense of inadequacy at some point. These are unpleasant feelings to get in touch with, but you can do hard things especially with the support of a competent coach.

Concerned about the cost.

I use a reasonable sliding scale for payments and no financial commitment for the whole curriculum is required. Yes, this is an investment of time and money. For some families, it means adjusting priorities in order to afford coaching.

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