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All Families Can Benefit From Coaching

Families who are in distress can clearly benefit from the support that coaching offers to radically change the unhealthy dynamics at home. However, all families can learn fundamental lessons from my coaching curriculum that establish a foundation of emotional fluency for years to come. By emotional fluency I mean the ability to identify and express feelings in constructive and purposeful ways so that bottled up emotions don’t erupt and cause rifts within a family.

When we as parents speak or act in ways that indicate we are not comfortable with negative emotions such as sadness, frustration, and anger, we give the message to our children that what they are feeling is not valid or okay. We can learn to accept and validate their (and our own) emotions while at the same time providing alternatives to yelling, hitting, and other hurtful behaviors.

My coaching curriculum is an experiential way for parents to develop skills they can model for their children. Reading a book about parenting can be extremely helpful but completing the curriculum, which entails personal growth, results in a parenting style that is characterized by more connection, deep understanding, and mutual respect.

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