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The Power of The Group

Wondering if you could benefit from group work? A group of parents and caregivers getting together to support one another is a beautiful thing. The presence of a trained facilitator means that everyone gets heard and sessions are educational as well as fulfilling. Members no longer feel isolated or wonder if they are the only one with problems at home. They realize that while we all bring different experiences to the table, we find connection through our shared desire to grow as parents.

Usually, I start the session with a check in of about seven minutes for each person participating, but it also depends on the number of people. We then move on to a specific topic, previously agreed upon by group members. Sometimes we focus on helping siblings get along, sometimes on our own up-bringings and the effect they have on our parenting, and sometimes we look at ways to support co-parents. Part of the beauty of the group is everyone's contribution of kindness, compassion, and understanding.

I am starting an online parent support group in January that people can sign up for now by emailing me at Consider joining to decompress after all that holiday togetherness! We may divide by ages of children if enough people sign up, but mixed ages works too!

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